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Talent Development & Innovation

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In BLGPS, we believe that there is strength in every child. TDI committee continually reviews and refines BLGPS enriched curriculum to carry out programmes that allow our students to embark on a journey of discovery of self and the world. Through various programmes, we aim to 

Help each child discover his/her own strength and interest
Develop the potential in our students
Equip our students with future-ready skills (e.g. innovative-thinking)

There are 3 levels of opportunities for differentiated groups of students.

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Students involved

Level 1

(School-wide programme)

Learning Buffet

1. To ignite students’ curiosity and           open the possibility for them to     pursue their interest and passion

2.  To encourage students to think               about their future career path and           work towards achieving their goals.

Primary 3 (KidZania)

Primary 4 to 6

Hatter Day

1. To celebrate and showcase   student’s learning and achievements (Showcase of students’ work for Project Work, Innovation Programme etc.)

2.  To nurture students’ growth towards being a reflective and innovative thinker, passionate and empathetic contributor

Primary 3 to 6

Level 1

(Level-wide programme)

STEM Programme

1.  To promote creative and innovative thinking

2.   To introduce SCAMPER as a tool for creative thinking and idea generation

Primary 1 & 2

STEM Challenge

1.  To encourage students to think creatively and critically

2.   To introduce ‘Engineering Design Process’ as a tool for problem solving and innovation

Primary 4 & 5

Level 2

Destination Imagination (D.I)

1.   To allow students to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation

2.   To inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders

Primary 4 & 5 (selected students)

Innovation Programme (IvP)

1.   To develop problem solving and inventive skills in students

2.   To introduce ‘Design Thinking’ as a tool for innovation

Primary 4 & 5 (selected students)

Refer to respective departments for subject-related talent development programmes

Level 3

Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s Award

1.   To provide further opportunities to showcase outstanding projects from the Innovation Programme

Selected students involved in IvP

Innovation Award

Our Team

Subject Head CCA/ Talent Development
Ms Brenda Zhou
Mrs Serena Ong Mr Henry Ong Mrs Rachel Por  
Miss Lye Cheng Wai, Lilian Ms Jacinda Ng Miss Chan Yien Qing
Ms Audrey Yap Ms Lau Yi Yuan  Mr Nicholas Cai
Ms Deenise Yang Ms Lydia Lam Mdm Norlita
Mr Kang Yian KeeMdm Chun Wee San 
Mdm Tay Li Lien
Ms Tan Yan Ting Mr Pua Chia Siong, Steven