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“An Inquiring Community of Learners”

To inculcate the spirit of inquiry through providing first-hand learning experience for our students

Department Focus for 2016
  1. Inquiry-based learning through ERA learning cycle
  2.  ‘Science comes alive!’ through ‘environment as the third teacher’
  3.  Linking intervention strategies to habits of mind as a form of AfL


Based on our belief that every child can be an inquirer, our Science department is committed in helping students gain Science related knowledge and skills. Inculcate positive ethics and attitudes in them and most importantly, to help them develop a life-long interest in learning Science through standards-based curriculum that includes inquiry based learning through ERA learning cycle and quality learning experience (outdoor experiential learning, investigation and experimentation). 

Science Enrichment / Learning Journeys
  •  P1 and P2 (Science Centre/ Young Learners Festival/ Every child a seed) 
  •  P3 (Hydroponics Farm Tour) 
  •  P4 (Science Centre / Flying with Butterflies) 
  •  P5 (Science Centre / Cells Diversity) 
  •  P6 (Science Centre / Aquatic Plants & Animals/ Tinkering Studio)

P4 Science Project Fair

To promote inquiry-based learning in pupils, Primary 4 pupils are tasked to carry out their own science project in Term 2 where they would experience how scientist work and learn how scientific investigations are carried out. They would be able to appreciate the processes involves in science experiments which would inculcate values of persistence and heighten their curiosity about the world around them. At the end of the project, pupils would conduct a show and tell and their fellow school mates will be able to visit the respective booths during the fair. Outstanding projects of pupils are showcased during Learning Fiesta where they have the opportunity to display and present their work to a larger crowd. 

Our Team

Head of Department  Ms Malvina Ng
Level Head    Ms Malvina Ng  
Mrs Ada Leong   Mrs Daphne Chia   Miss Iris Ng
Miss Grace Chan  
Miss Deenise Yang     Mr Ng Ee Noch 
Ms Evelyn Poon  
Mr Edmund Choi     Miss Tan Yan Ting
Mdm Serena Tan Miss Samsinar  Mdm Norain
Mr Amos Tay

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