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Physical & health Education

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Physical education is about movement. Movement is fundamental and essential to life, work, and play. Movement competency facilitates participation and allows individuals to derive pleasure and satisfaction from physical activities. An individual who can move proficiently has the skills and knowledge related to movement and values purposeful moving for life. 

Physical education, therefore, is responsible for helping students take on the responsibility of learning by providing them with the capacity to make reasoned and wise choices through a lifelong process of change. 

On the other hand, the key focus of the Physical Health and Fitness content is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and values to empower them to make responsible decisions to pursue life-long total well-being. It also aims to provide students with the opportunities to develop and practise good health habits and attitudes through a variety of fun learning experiences presented during PE lessons. 


The followings are some of programmes at each level to enable our students to achieve the learning outcomes.

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
 Healthy and Active Lifestyle Programme   BLGians Move It (Mass Workout)         
Competitive Sports   Lower Primary Sports       Inter-class Games       
 Sports Education Programme  Wushu  Bowling  Athletics     Tchoukball 
Life Saving Skill     Swimsafer Swimsafer 

 Outdoor Education     Nature Trail Nature Trail
 Adventure Camp  

BLGians Move It (BMI) - BMI aims to send a strong message that regular exercise and healthy eating habits are essential for not only physical but mental health as well. On this day, pupils and staff will participate in a fun mass workout routine. They will then proceed to consume fruit as a class in the canteen. With the exception of pupils with medical conditions and those unwell on the day of activity, the programme enjoys 100% participation rate and is well received by both pupils and staff.


Lower Primary Sports – A day when the little ones pit their sporting skills with one another. Pupils participate in Inter-Class competitive races where they display skills learned during their PE lessons. The event ensures that every pupil takes part in at least one race. Parents of these pupils are invited and encouraged to take part in selected activities as well.

Inter-Class Games – This mass participative games is a hit among the P5 and P6 pupils. The sport, Dodgeball, where the participants have to strategize and work together is hotly contested by all classes. Respective classes will get to practice the sport during PE lessons prior to the competition so as even those who are less skilful are trained and prepared for the competition. 


Sports Education Programme (SEP) - SEP aims to make sports a lifelong passion among pupils by introducing a new sport to them. Apart from creating interest and curiosity, it helps to build pupils’ fundamental movement skills by developing agility, speed and coordination which are necessary for the development of sports skills. 


Swimsafer – It is a national water safety programme introduced to develop swimming and water safety skills among our pupils. Pupils will learn basic swimming strokes and floatation techniques in a fun and safe way. As a transition to align with the PE syllabus, both P3 and P4 pupils undergo the same programme this year.


Nature Trail -Outdoor Education equips pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to explore the natural and urban environments safely and responsibly. The learning experiences are set in the authentic contexts of a day trip to a neighbouring park. The nature trail provides opportunities for theoretical concepts such as risk management to be enacted in authentic outdoor settings. Pupils learn how to prepare for these contexts, move through the respective environments with others confidently and safely, and ensure their basic needs are met.


Adventure Camp – Named as ‘Camp Hi-5’, pupils participate in rugged activities that instils values and attributes. It helps build courage and resilience which are necessary for pupils to face future’s uncertainties and to become more adventurous. Through the various activities, the school’s Hi-5 Learning Experiences are incorporated in this adventure camp. Pupils will have lots of fun learning the experiential way, which is out of the classroom and beyond textbook.



Our Team

Head of Department Mr Kang Yian Kee
Physical & Health Education CoordinatorMr Nasser 
Mr Roslan Abu                                                     Ms. Audrey Yap
Mr. Henry Ong                                                    Mdm Siti Noorazian Ismail   
Mr  Foo Check Koon                                          Mdm. Tay Li Lien
Mr Andi Iryadi Bin Said                                     Mrs Rachel Por        
Mr Chui Tuck Keong                                          Ms Chan Yien Qing


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