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Department Vision
Eager Achievers. Resilient Solvers. Passionate Thinkers.

Department Mission
MAke Things Happen

Department focuses
Mathematics Modelling to solve real-world problems with Mathematics
Learning Experiences to develop Mathematical processes and skills
Love for Mathematics through games and a variety of activities
Problem Solving skills using Polya’s problem solving approach


Key department programmes
Primary 2 Mathematics Enrichment Programme for high progress learners
Primary 3 to Primary 6 Mathematics Olympiad Training Programme
Learning Support for Mathematics
RoPE Mendaki Programme

Mathematics Framework

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The Primary Mathematics Syllabus aims to enable all students to:
acquire mathematical concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics;
develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving;
build confidence and foster interest in mathematics.

“Tell me mathematics, and I will forget; 
Show me mathematics and I may remember;
Involve me …and I will understand mathematics.  
If I understand mathematics, I will be less likely to have math anxiety …”

Source: Williams, W.V. Answers to questions about math anxiety.  School Science and Mathematics, 88(2), 95 –104.

Our Team

Head of Department
Mr Peter Yeo
Level Head Mrs Michelle Koh 
Senior TeacherMrs Mathilda Wong (Ross Mathilda)  
 Mrs Amy Ravie
Miss Brenda Zhou Huifang  Ms Lim Mei Lian  Mrs Stacy Tan Yuh Lan
Miss Chua Jie Min   Mrs Lynnette Tan  Mr Pua Chia Song Steven 
Mdm Phang Xiu Zhen Grace  Miss Nur Zakiah  Mr Tang Chee Weng
Mrs Jasmine Ng  Mr Lim Jek Ming Shaun  Mdm Toh Hui Lin
Mr Jonathan Choo Yingxun   Mrs Selina Cai  Mrs Yvonne Tan 
Ms Lye Cheng Wai Lilian   Mrs Sherlyn Tang  Mr Leong Zhiwei  
Mr Thong Fong Yang  Miss Jacinda Ng

Useful Links

Mathematics Syllabus 

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