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CHARACTER AND CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION                                                  

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We believe that every child has their own needs and unique strengths. Each child deserves the opportunity to develop his/her talents to the fullest to be a useful citizen with good character.



  1. Form-Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) Lessons 
    During FTGP lessons, activities and positive interactions take place between form teacher and his/her students so as to enhance bonding between form teacher and students. In addition, FTGP will also cater for the explicit teaching of social emotional competencies which contributes to positive teacher-student relationships. 

  2. CCE Lessons 
    CCE lessons are taught in respective Mother Tongue languages. Teachers will use of guiding questions to facilitate students’ understanding and to help students make informed decisions for different contexts and situations in life. 

    P1 and P2 students experience activities-based explicit lessons on our CARES values. These lessons enable them to have better understanding of our CARES values and how these values look like and sound like in their daily school life experiences. 
  4. STAR Pupil 
    The STAR Pupil Award is a recognition given to students who role model the CARES values by exemplifying observable character traits in their daily school lives. Form teachers / co-form teachers will use a selection criteria to nominate the STAR pupil for their class at the end of every month.


  1. NE Commemorative Events: 
     Total Defence Day (TDD) – The school commemorated TDD, focusing on the importance of the five aspects of Total Defence; the Military Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence and Psychological Defence. Lessons were also planned for our students to have a deeper understanding on the commemoration of Total Defence Day. 

    International Friendship Day (IFD) - IFD is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore's relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. It aims to sensitise our children towards the geo-political realities inherent in Singapore, as well as nurture in our students the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people. During the day, our students are able to welcome their international peers to the school, understand more of their cultures and forge strong bonds of friendship. 

    Racial Harmony Day (RHD) - Schools commemorate RHD to give our students a platform to reflect on and celebrate Singapore success as a harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of cultures and heritages. Students should learn to make friends with people of other races and religions and not make fun of people who are different. 

    National Day - The theme for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) is “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow". “Building” implies that nation-building is a continuous endeavour and that the journey towards our future can be realised with hard work. “Our Singapore” invokes in Singaporeans a sense of belonging and rootedness to the country and our future. “Tomorrow” is forward looking and connotes the start of the next chapter post SG50. Taken together, the theme is a call to action for Singaporeans to build our future together. 

    NE Show - The National Education (NE) Show has been organised to instil a sense of patriotism in students and to bring across the significance of our National Day. This year, the NDP full dress rehearsal, which will be held at The National Stadium, provides an opportunity for organisers to inculcate NE values in our students. 

  2. International Student Programme 
    The programme provides platforms for students from all walks of life and nationalities learn to relate to one another. Activities will be planned between local buddies and our International Students to promote integration. 

  3. Values-In-Action (VIA) 
    VIA is a learning experience that enhances students’ development as socially responsible citizens through ownership of their contribution to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. The school has provided multiple platforms for students’ VIA activities such as Happy Classroom, Use Your Hand Campaign and visits to old folks homes. 
  4. Social Studies (SS) 
     At the heart of the SS curriculum is the preparation of our students to be citizens of tomorrow by helping them to better understand the interconnectedness in Singapore and the world they live in.


  1. Student Leadership Trainings 
    Opportunities are created for students to put into practice their leadership skills and role-model CARES values through organizing school and classroom events. Through the development and honing of their leadership skills, students can contribute as Prefects, Class Representative Leaders and CCA Captains for the betterment of self, their peers and the community. 

  2. Student Well-being Talks. 

  3. Student Engagement Activities 
  4. Kids ExcelTM for P3-P4 
    The programme emphasis is on holistic development of P3 and P4 students where sports is an avenue for healthy living and character development. KidsExcelTM is designed to enhance student’s academic performance through enrichment classes as well as develop a healthy body through its sports training. 


  1. Overview of BLGPS’ Discipline Policy & Philosophy Discipline is an integral part of schooling. Good discipline facilitates teaching and learning. Our whole-school approach towards positive discipline develops a sense of safety where respectful and caring relationships are formed. It promotes positive student behaviours in support of learning and growth. 

  2. Safety Talks 

  3. I-STAR Clinic 
    A platform where students able to do their reflections to support students managing behaviours. Students will learn to take responsibility of their own actions and act accordingly to contribute to a safe, caring and conducive learning environment. 


  1. Sexuality Education 

  2. Educational and Career Guidance (ECG) ECG is infused during FTGP, pre-assembly sharings and some school events activities eg Learning Buffet. Students will be facilitated with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to instil awareness of interests, abilities and career aspirations to them. This is to facilitate our students to make informed decisions for successful transition to secondary school, further education or career plans. 

  3. Counselling 
    Counselling is a collaborative process in which the counsellor facilitates the expansion of the student’s view of life, expands their social and emotional skills and coping resources. School counsellors use their specialised knowledge and skills in counselling to facilitate student’s personal/social growth and development, with positive impact on their academic performance. 

our team

 Head of Department                            Mr Mohamed Sahren  
Subject Head Values in Action/ National Education/ Social StudiesMr Shaun Lim
Subject Head Student DevelopmentMs Ainah Saaban 
Subject Head Pastoral Care & 
Mrs Alfie- Nurul Shalwa Rohim  
Mr Dennis Loh   Ms Loo Hui Wen  Ms Chua Jie Min 
Mr Kuay Chau Ann Mdm Siti Nur Baeyah Ms Shanthi  
Mrs Mathilda WongMdm Daphne TanMrs Joyce Tian
Ms AshveenMr Foo Check Koon Mr Leong Zhiwei
Mr Tang Chee Weng Mrs Kee  (Evelyn Poon)Mr Mohamed Nasser  
Ms Kristin Hamton Mdm Christy Chen  Ms Suhaila 
Ms Norshila Abdul RahmanMrs Malvina Lie             Ms Lilian Lye
Mdm Lee Lin Fang Ms Nur Zakiah  Ms Yan Yee Man
Mrs Koh (Michelle Lauw Sze Han) Ms Siti Noorazian IsmailMr Andi Iryadi Bin Said