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Our Vision, Mission and Motto

School Vision: The Garden Where Diversity Blossoms
An educational institution of excellence where students and staff are holistically nurtured and developed to be the best they can be in meeting future challenges.

School Mission: Together We Nurture for a Better Future
Our mission is in tandem with MOE's mission of "moulding the future of the nation", empowering our students with relevant skills and values to make a positive contribution to society. Through an enriched school experience, we aim to prepare our young adequately for their future learning and their lives beyond school. They will be a future generation that embraces a spirit of inquiry, resilience and tenacity, ready to meet the future challenge of an innovation driven world with confidence.

School Motto: Strive for Perfection
We encourage all to be engaged in a healthy pursuit of excellence, to make every effort to progress and improve, leading to one's personal best in all endeavours.

School Values: CARES
Cooperation amongst all
Respect for all
Effort leading to
Success in everything that we do