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Our Spaces

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden has been a popular hangout for students in BLGPS. The facade of the library has been transformed to look like a garden in line with the school's vision. A treehouse was erected in the library as well to serve as a comfortable lounge area for students. Apart from having a wide repository of books, the library also has computers and iPads that our students borrow or book for research on school projects. The library is usually abuzz with activity after school and it is common to find students reading, completing homework or browsing the Internet.

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Tinker Space

Tinker Space is a place filled with opportunities to play, invent and launch imaginations into overdrive. It is a space designed to encourage students to explore, experiment, create and tinker. Using LEGO bricks, recycled materials, 3D pens and any available materials, students are free to create and build what they want. Old electronics such as printers are also available for those who are keen in mechanics to dismantle. Through use of fun gadgets like Makey-Makey sets, students are also engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and innovative thinking.

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Lifeskills Room   

The Lifeskills Room which is fitted with a kitchenette, is designed to equip students with basic culinary skills and promote the values of healthy eating. Lessons are also conducted in the room to provide students with authentic experiences of learning Mathematics, Science and Languages through cooking and baking. The room is also used to engage students meaningfully after school. 

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Student Edutainment Lounge

The Student Edutainment Lounge (SEL) was set up with the objective of meeting the social-emotional needs of students. The SEL is a conducive environment for students to study, relax and play cognitive games with their schoolmates during recess or after school. 

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Vertical Garden

The vertical garden serves as an organised outdoor classroom for the learning on how innovative technology helps overcome land constraint and reduce thermal temperature. Students are provided with authentic learning opportunities as they get to see the close up of the plants planted in the vertical garden, the structure that holds the plants vertically upright and the automated irrigation system. Students also learn how technology allowed the growth of plants on wall and how the water used to water the plants can be reused and recycled for the aquatic plants in the planter boxes.

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Indoor Sports Hall

The Indoor Sports Hall provides BLGians with more opportunities to participate in sports and games. The new building comprises of a fully equipped sports hall catering for many indoor sports such as basketball and badminton. The extensive indoor facility also includes a band room, a dance studio and wide open spaces for students to study in.

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