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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Environment Education 

In line with our commitment to nurture our pupils into future ready citizens with strong fundamentals, the EE @ BLGPS programme aims to guide our pupils to make informed decisions on sustainable living and take ownership in conserving environmental resources. 

Through Environment Education @ BLGPS programme, we aim to
  • Build pupils’ awareness of knowledge about environmental issues and challenges. 
  • Educate and develop pupils with positive attitude, social values and concern for the environment.
  • Equip pupils with the relevant skills to mitigate environmental issues and challenges.
  • Provide platforms for pupils to exhibit and share environmental knowledge with others. 

Our programme is designed based on the following approaches
  1. Inculcating positive attitude
  2. Gaining relevant knowledge
  3. Acquiring specific skills

  • Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 2015
  • Sustained 3R Achievement Award 2015
  • The Eco-Gardener Award 2015
  • Youth Environment Day Award 2015
  • Green Schools Award 2015


Earth Hour
pic1.jpg pic1b.jpg
Pre-assembly briefing on Earth Hour 2016 BLGians doing the mass yoga tree pose! 

Earth Hour was first started in 2007 to raise global awareness on energy conservation and climate change. Through energy conservation, we can reduce carbon emission and thus reduces the impact of global warming such as strange weather phenomenon, raising temperature and melting of sea ice. BLGPS played our part in the Earth hour campaign by switching off the fans in our school compound for an hour on 24 March 2016 from 7.30am to 8.30am. On top of that, an assembly talk on global warming and deforestation was conducted to raise awareness about the urgent need to conserve the environment. At the end of the assembly talk, we also got everyone to stand up and do a tree pose balance in support of WWF in breaking a world record of forming the world's largest tree pose balance! 

Author Talk on Global Warming with Otto Fong

Our pupils were meaningfully engaged in the sharing on global warming by Otto Fong. Through the sharing session, Mr Fong shared with the pupils how pollution and climate change may eventually lead to mass extinction of species; and how we can do our part in stopping global warming. 

Interclass Recycling Competition

pic2.jpg pic4.jpg pic5.jpg
PSG in action with our students! Our students had fun bundling up the newspaper  820kg of recycled newspaper

As part of the BLGPS Green Week, an interclass recycling competition was organised. Responses from our pupils were overwhelming and we collected a whopping total of 820kg of newspaper and 40kg of fabrics! We would like to thank all pupils, staff and parents for their warm support! The proceeds from the sale of the recyclables were donated to WWF in support of the wildlife conservation.  

Community Outreach Programme @ Boon Lay Shopping Centre

pic6.jpg pic7.jpg pic8.jpg
Our ACE club members explaining to residents steps to prevent mosquito breeding Ms Iris Ng introducing residents to bottle weaving!  Residents in action making their own personalised terrarium!

In line with our commitment to expand our collaboration with external agencies and communities, the Science and CCE departments are pleased to collaborate with Boon Lay Merchants Association for our pupils to conduct a community outreach programme at Boon Lay Shopping Centre in Term 2 Week 6. We were honoured to be able to share with the residents the environmental conservation programmes that we have been conducting in school; ways to reduce waste as well as exhibition cum hands on session on crafts that can be made using recycled materials! Our pupils had a wonderful time mingling with our fellow residents! 

Community Outreach Programme @ Blk 185 Boon Lay RC Community Garden

pic9.jpg pic10.jpg pic11.jpg
Our pupils had fun getting their hands dirty! Mr Patrick Tay joined us in the making of personalised terrarium PA trainer, Mr Tony sharing with the crowd on grafting method

The school is once again pleased to collaborate with Boon Lay Residents Committee to conduct a community outreach programme at Blk 185 Boon Lay Estate Community Garden on 4 May 2016. Our pupils had a meaningful and engaging time sharing with the residents on steps to prevent mosquito breeding and we also engaged our residents in the DIY terrarium making! On top of that, our pupils also get to learnt more about gardening from the resident volunteers and we were thrilled to have our Member of Parliament, Mr Patrick Tay to join us in the event!  

BLGPS Green Week

pic12.jpg pic13.jpg 14.jpg
Pupils redeeming prizes for the quiz from our PSG parent Bottle caps memory gameLet us pledge to be green together!
 pic15.jpg 16.jpg pic17.jpg
Our ACE club members sharing with the school on 4Rs Green Week MascotsOur pupils trying out the gigantic Jenga ☺ 

The annual BLGPS Green Week was conducted in Term 2 Week 5 to raise pupils’ awareness of 4Rs through fun and engaging activities. Throughout the week, pupils were engaged in activities such as games and crafts booths during the level recesses, pre-assembly talk on 4Rs conducted by their fellow school mates and an assembly talk on water conservation conducted by the Waterways Watch Society Singapore. All materials and resources used for the games and craft booths were made from recyclable materials. The school’s environmental club members and P4 - P6 class environmental ambassadors were deployed to mend the booths during their level recesses. 

Tree Planting Day

pic18.jpg pic19.jpg pic20.jpg

A kedongdong tree was symbolically planted in our school by the P6 graduating cohort on 20th May 2016 as part of Green Wave 2016. We see the need for us to take a keen interest in environmental protection and implement this ideal in action by planting a young tree annually and taking care of the existing ones. We have specifically chosen the Kedongdong tree as the fruits are commonly used as a food source in South East Asia. 


pic21.jpg pic22.jpg
Presenting our DIY solar powered lamps!  Our ECs busy assembling their own solar powered lamps!

The Panasonic-NEA Environment Champions (Schools) Industry Module [ECIM] is a platform for students to gain first-hand knowledge of environmental measures adopted by industries, such as energy conservation, resource conservation and pollution control, with coaching from Panasonic staff.  A group of our trained environment champions attended the workshop during the March holidays and they even get to construct their own solar powered lamps! 

Junior Environment Ambassadors

pic23.jpg pic24.jpg
Students learning the importance to care for the Mother Earth We pledge to keep our school toilets clean!

The JEA Training Camp, which is a part of the Green Schools @ South West 2016 programme, serves as a platform to impart environmental knowledge and skills to train and empower student leaders. A group of P3 – P4 Junior Environment Ambassadors attended the workshop on 14 March 2016. The pupils subsequently did a sharing session with their peers on the environmental knowledge that they learnt during the camp.

  • Community Outreach Programme @ Boon Lay Estate Community Garden 
  • Kayaking and River Clean Up Programme (Teachers and non-teaching staff)
  • Community Clean Up (in collaboration with uniformed groups)
  • Mozzie Outreach (ACE Club pupils)
  • Siliso Beach Resort Wormery Tour (ACE Club pupils)