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Innovation Programme - Hatter Day 

BLGPS Hatter Day is a fresh initiative - a day of ideation to reinforce 21CC among students and enhance students’ Hi 5 learning experience. It nurtures students’ growth towards being a reflective and innovative thinker, confident and responsible leader, passionate and empathetic contributor. To promote critical and innovative thinking, students and staff are encouraged to come in their personalised ‘thinking’ hats on that day.

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The day starts with a Hatter talk where students are exposed to innovative modifications of everyday items to solve issues that make life easier. The Hatter talk lays the foundation for students to attempt the Hatter Challenge, encouraging them to identify authentic problems surrounding the school and the larger community, brainstorm solutions, and possibly build prototypes as part of their solutions.

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Students are also engaged in a collaborative problem-solving challenge where they have to work together with their peers to overcome the challenge posed to them. This activity promotes teamwork and critical thinking and is a good platform for students to apply their Habits of Mind.

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The day progresses into an exhibition showcasing students’ projects as part of their Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW). These projects present their creative research-based solutions to current and anticipated problems such as land and water scarcity. These processes represent a holistic application of their IPW learning, and will put them in good stead to become future-ready problem solvers.

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