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Education Career Guidance - Learning Buffet

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In Boon Lay Garden Primary School, we believe that every child should be given opportunities to discover and pursue their interests. The school’s signature programme, Learning Buffet, provides a unique learning experience for BLGians.  

Students are given the autonomy to attend workshops of their choice according to their learning needs and interests. The ownership bestowed on them encourages them to pursue their passion in a self-directed way. They make their own decisions on what they want to learn as well as chart and monitor the progress of their own learning. Learning Buffet is also a platform where students are introduced to different types of careers. Each module is unique and customized. When possible, the school collaborates with relevant organisations and professionals to share their experiences with the students in order to inspire these young minds.    

For instance, the school’s partnership with Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy enables us to provide an authentic experience which students can experience going through the various offices of hospitality – from the front desk to housekeeping and food and beverage service. Through the experience, students grapple with issues of real-life industry demands. They undergo a process of self-discovery and evaluate their experiences. Another example is how students experience the process of recording a song from the ground up. Their voices are recorded via mikes in a studio, controlled by mixers and cut by a professional producer who introduces them to these processes. 

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During Learning Buffet, the school is transformed into borderless classrooms where students are immersed in the Hi-5 Experience, gaining knowledge and acquiring skills that are beyond the standard curriculum. To enrich each student’s knowledge, skills and widen their perspectives, the learning experiences are designed across 5 domains: cognitive, technological, arts, leadership and life skills.

Examples of modules that are offered         
  • Science
  • IT- Animation/ Game designing
  • Visual arts – Craftwork/ Photography /  Video-editing
  • Performing Arts – Hip Hop/  Singing/  Theatre Arts
  • Culinary Arts/ Baking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Perfumery
  • Optometry 
  • Sports

These authentic, hands-on learning experiences provide them with opportunities to find their own strengths and interests, ignite their curiosity and open the possibility for them to pursue their interests and passion. Through these processes, students inculcate self-directedness, self-leadership and develop their personal capacity as a ‘Thinker, Leader, Contributor’.


The Primary 3 students had their learning buffet experience at KidZania. They were engaged in stimulating role-play as they made their way through a replica of a working city and real-life scenarios. This experience empowered the kids and encouraged them to live out their dreams as they chose from over 80 role-play activities that let them experience their ideal jobs, earn money, manage their bank accounts and tackle everyday challenges. This is an introduction to the whole programme where the students gain some knowledge of ‘careers’ before they select modules to take up when they are in Primary 4, 5 and 6.