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Applied Learning Programme (ALP) - HABITS OF MIND

Applied Learning Programme – Habits of Mind
Thinking Curriculum through HOM@BLGPS is the school's Applied Learning Programme (ALP). The curriculum is designed to enable students to acquire thinking and learning processes and to be developed into self-directed learners. The school aims to nurture its students with thinking dispositions by equipping them with a set of problem solving and life-related skills for their future success.




Stages of Implementation
  1. Discovering & Exploring (2013-2014)
  2. Activating & Engaging (2014-2015)
  3. Assessing & Reporting (2016-        )
  4. Integrating & Sustaining (2016-        )

Stick to it!
9.jpgThinking Interdependently
Work together as a team!
Managing Impulsivity
Think before you act! 
Responding with Wonderment & Awe
Have fun figuring it out!
3.jpgListening with Understanding and Empathy
Understand others! 
Questioning & Posing Problems
Have a questioning attitude!
Striving for Accuracy
Check it again!
12.jpgTaking Responsible Risks
Try new things constantly! 
5.jpgThinking Flexibly
Look at it another way! 
13.jpgCreating, Imagining & Innovating
Try a different way!
6.jpgGathering Data Through All Sense
Pay attention to the world around you using your senses!
14.jpgApplying Past Knowledge to New Situations
Use what you learn! 
7.jpgThinking & Communicating with clarity & Precision
Be clear and concise!
15.jpgThinking about thinking (Metacognition)
Be aware of your thoughts!
8.jpgFind Humour
Laugh a little!
Remaining open to continuous learning
Be humble to learn!