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Tinker Space

Tinker Space is a place filled with opportunities to play, invent and launch imaginations into overdrive. It is a space designed to encourage students to explore, experiment, create and tinker. Using LEGO bricks, recycled materials, 3D pens and any available materials, students are free to create and build what they want. Old electronics such as printers are also available for those who are keen in mechanics to dismantle. Through use of fun gadgets like Makey-Makey sets, students are also engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and innovative thinking.

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we think, we do and we have fun!

3D pen                                                                                     3D butterfly made from 3D pen
3D pen(1).jpeg3D pen(2).jpeg

Motorised car                                                                           Maze-making using straws
Motorised Car(2).jpgMaze making(1).jpg

Playing super mario game using Makey-Makey               Boat Challenge
Playing super mario game using Makey-Makey.jpgBoat challenge(5).jpg

Build the tallest tower                                             Miniature cardboard furniture
Build the tallest tower(2).jpgMiniature cardboard furniture.jpg