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Objectives of PSG

PSG1.pngBLGPS Parents Support Group (PSG) plays an important role in promoting and fostering home-school partnership to support the holistic development of BLGians. The PSG also plays an integral part in establishing and enhancing 2-way communication between school and parents.

Guided by the motto ‘For the Love of Our Children’, our PSG parents equip themselves with relevant skills and knowledge during our termly meetings and workshops so that they can continue to be strong partners and ambassadors for the school.

Partnering the school

Apart from termly meetings and workshops, our PSG parents engage and empower themselves by participating in a whole host of school programmes throughout the school year.


Parents giving out motivational kits to the P6 BLGians during PSLE Motivation Day. 

Interesting and eye-catching booths set up by PSG parents for children’s learning for International Friendship Day.


PSG parents engage in meaningful art and craft activities with BLGians during recess on Racial Harmony Day.

PSG parents leading by action and inspiring BLGians to be contributors to the community around BLGPS through the ‘Project Joy’ programme.

Children’s Day is so much more fun with our PSG parents around! The children were showered with love from the PSG parents.
Thank you, PSG parents for your strong partnership and unwavering support! Here’s our parents receiving their certificates at the PSG Appreciation Ceremony 2022.

If you would like to be part of the PSG family, please scan the following QR code to fill in a form and send an email to Ms Lydia at lam_lydia@schools.gov.sg upon completing the form. Thank you!