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English Language

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To develop students to have a love for the English language, be avid readers and confident communicators.

The English Language curriculum focuses on the progressive attainment of language skills.






Reading programme

The reading programme aims to develop students to be avid readers. Through the varied and differentiated activities conducted at class, level and school-wide, students will learn to read for enjoyment, understanding, information and research.

P1 to P6

Read and Share

To develop student's speaking skills in presenting information, elaborating on main ideas and expressing personal opinions and feelings to an audience with clarity and confidence through read and share platform.

To provide opportunities for students to speak to an audience through the sharing of stories, books, articles from newspapers or magazines.

P1 to P6

Show and Tell

To develop student's speaking skills in presenting information to an audience with confidence through show and tell platform.

P1 and P2

Speech and Drama enrichment

To engage in language interactions that are meaningful, purposeful and fun.

To demonstrate how meaning is conveyed through appropriate voice qualities – pace, volume, tone and stress by reciting poems, through readers’ theatre or choral reading.

P1 and P2

Our Team

Head of Department  Mr Cai Jinghao Nicholas 
Subject Head   Ms Joy Amisha Keshyap

Ms Victoria Wong
Mrs Joyce Tian Mdm Murni       
Mrs Anne Marie Ms Lydia Lam
Mdm Norlita
Mr Dennis Loh Mdm Shuhada
Mdm Norsela
Ms Irene Lui
Mrs Leong Hwee Peng Mdm Nurul
Ms Suhaila
Ms Steffi Marianna
Ms Norshila Ms Andrea Leong