In BLGPS, we strongly encourage every child to be actively involved in a CCA as it gives him/her the opportunities to discover his/her interests and talents while developing values and competencies. Through CCA, we aim to provide a more holistic education for every child. 

The school provides a wide range of CCAs that are categorized into:

  • Physical Sports where pupils develop their sporting excellence and cultivate sportsmanship;
  • Visual and Performing Arts where pupils are given the opportunities to build self confidence through showcasing opportunities;
  • Uniformed Groups where pupils inculcate self-discipline and are trained in life skills and leadership skills; 
  • Clubs and Societies where pupils develop their talents and passion for IT and sciences.

CCAs are held every Thursday for P3 – P6, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

visit our ECCA portal  HERE