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Prefects’ Investiture 2018-2019

The annual Prefects’ Investiture on Monday, 16th July 2018 was a significant day as it not only marked the official appointment of the 2018-2019 Prefectorial Board but also the unveiling of the newly elected Head Prefect for 2018-2019.
An integral part of the Prefects’ Investiture is the Head Prefect Election. It is the culmination of months of work as the candidates got ready for the campaign. With the mentorship and guidance of the P6 Prefect EXCO members, the candidates prepared posters and their public speeches for the Head Prefect Election Rally during the morning pre-assembly to garner support and votes from the staff and students.


The ceremony began with our masters of ceremonies and P6 Prefect EXCO members, Evangeline Tng and Anansana Joy sharing on the qualities of a prefect and the structure of the Prefectorial Board. Next, our Head Prefect 2017-2018, Maisarah and Assistant Head Prefect, Neo Xin Tong shared with the school on what they have learnt and experienced throughout their leadership learning journey. They also extended their gratitude and appreciation to all and expressed their hopes that everyone would continue to extend the same support, encouragement and understanding to the newly elected Head Prefect and EXCO team moving forward. Before the results of the Head Prefect Election were revealed, the school was treated to a photo montage detailing what happened behind-the-scenes leading up to the Polling Day. The students were excited to see photographs of themselves, their teachers and school staff casting their votes. With the announcement of the results, Mrs Ong presented the Head Prefect and two Assistant Head Prefects with their new sashes before the introduction of the 2018-2019 Prefectorial Board made up of prefects from Primary 2 to Primary 5. The ceremony came to a meaningful end as our newly elected Head Prefect 2018-2019, Maggie Chong Mei Qi who won the majority of the total votes cast by the staff and students, led her EXCO team and all the prefects in renewing their pledge of commitment and service to the school in the year to come.


Congratulations once again to Maggie Chong Mei Qi, her EXCO team and all Prefects for 2018-2019. May you have a fruitful and meaningful learning experience ahead.